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Open Thread for Trade Deadline Day

Toronto Raptors Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/NBAE/Getty Images

Rumors were coming hoy and heavy last night.

I don’t really see the point in getting Yan Gomes as a rental. But then I like Kirk behind the plate, and McGuire has had his moments too. So I don’t know that Gomes gets us an extra win. But then they know more than I do, and perhaps there are deals out there with our catchers involved.

The Jose Berrios rumors are interesting too. He would be around next year too, which makes him more interesting to me. And that he averages 6 innings a start helps.

Craig Kimbrel would look good in Jays' colors. But, of course, he’d be making $16 million next year.

Zach Davies as well would be interesting, too, if Walker can get him throwing strikes.

I’m always worried about giving away prospects, but I’ve learned not to get too attached to prospects.

Anyway, use the thread to share thoughts, rumors, recipes, you know all that stuff.