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Jays Roster Moves: Dolis Back, Allgeyer Down

Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

What would a Sunday morning be without a roster move?

Rafael Dolis comes back from the IL, with a sprained finger. When Dolis hit the IL he had a 5.14 ERA and 3 saves. He pitched in one rehab game.

Nick Allgeyer goes back to the Bisons. At least he got into a game. I’m sure we’ll see him again at some point. But having a 0 ERA and a perfect inning is coming to be proud of.

There isn’t much else for Jays' news, and Erik put in the lineups in his preview post.

I think we should celebrate Santiago Espinal’s home run. It must be a great feeling to get your first MLB home run. He’s having a very nice season. His glove has been very good and a .304/.355/.402 batting line is nothing to sneeze at.

With three Jays voted to the All-Star game, do you think the Jays will get anyone else added to the team. Bo Bichette should get to go. I’d love Robbie Ray to get the honor because he deserves it, and he’s improved so much. But I can’t see us getting five spots.

I know there is a progression to these things, but I hope he’ll move from throwing bowling balls to throwing baseballs soon.

Happy Fourth of July to those of you on the other side of the imagery line. Independence is something worth celebrating.