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Blue Jays playing in Toronto?

Oakland Athletics v. Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Jon Blacker/MLB via Getty Images

Last night, as a FanShot, I linked to the Sportsnet story on the Blue Jays, hoping to return to Toronto on July 30th, but maybe we should have a fuller discussion about the possibility.

They have to come back sometime. I’m not sure that July 30th is the best date, but then I’m not sure there is a best date. The Sportsnet story says that 23 of 30 MLB have hit the 85% target MLB gave them. It makes me sad that seven teams haven’t, but such is life. It would be easier for the Canadian government to say yes to the Jays if 100% of the teams hit that number.

The Sun has a story saying the Jays are getting more optimistic about getting to play at Rogers Centre at some point:

“The momentum is really very positive,” Anuk Karunaratne, the Jays executive vice- president of business operations told the Toronto Sun in an interview. “The border opening (with limitations, starting on July 5) is positive. The way all the provinces are thinking about playing professional sport and allowing fans is positive.

Rob Longley tweeted this:

I’d love to see a game live at some point. I don’t know that I’d be ready by July 30th, but I’m cautious about it all. I don’t want to get this far and then, you know, die. I have a friend who is likely to be spending most of this coming winter in hospital with long-term covid issues.

But then I have been vaccinated, twice, and we are talking about seeing the Black Widow movie next week.

We are all going to be getting back to normal at our speed.

For me, it is all about numbers. I’m thinking numbers are going to go up again, hopefully not too much. If they don’t go up, normal life can happen for me. If they do go up, I’ll continue to be careful.


The Jays should start playing games in Toronto on

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  • 52%
    July 30th
    (566 votes)
  • 17%
    August 20th
    (189 votes)
  • 7%
    Sometime in September
    (81 votes)
  • 22%
    Next season
    (244 votes)
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I’m a bit sad that Robbie Rays wasn’t picked for the All-Star game. But there will be pitchers asking out due to injury or won’t play because of starting the last game before the break. I’m still thinking there is a good chance he will be going to Denver.