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Saturday Bantering: Jays Bits

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in front of our house late one night, and a family of skunks walked out from between our house the neighbors. I went inside in a hurry. The next night, out there, I saw a skunk go under a truck across the street, I went a little closer to see, and it started running at me. A bit later, it was across the street in a neighbor’s yard, I went outside to take a picture, and again it ran at me. It surprised me that it would run at something so much bigger.

The next night there was one in my yard, but when I stood up to look at it, it ran away a much more understandable reaction.

I’m thinking of moving.

I wanted to ask, do you think the booing is getting to George Springer?

He came into the series with the Angels on a scorching streak in the five games since he’s hit .167 (yeah, with a two-home. run game in there), and he’s been overly grumpy with umpires.

I’m probably reading too much into it, but it has me wondering.

This is fun:

Nate Pearson is to throw today for the Bisons. They are saying he’ll throw 20-25 pitches. Others rehabbing there are Anthony Castro, Carl Edwards, and Cavan Biggio, who is DHing.

Pearson pitched the first inning, a strikeout, popout, ground out on 13 pitches, hitting 98 mph. I was going to say I’d take the under on the 20 to 25 pitches.

Did you think we were getting ripped off at the plate last night? It seems we were: