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Saturday Bantering: Where do we go from here?

Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

I took most of Thursday off from baseball as kind of a mental health day. Usually, I can ignore wins and losses. Baseball is entertainment, normally in losses, I can come away with that good defensive play or a good at-bat or something. Worry less about the destination than the trip and all.

I’ve never been the ‘if we don’t make the playoffs, the season is a waste’ type person. Being a Jays fan for far too many years, I can’t think that way. But we’ve had so many soul-crushing losses lately.

If I was running things?

  • Kevin Smith would play every day at third base the rest of the way. He’s here. Let’s play him. I hate when we call up a prospect, give him a game, he goes 0 for, and then he doesn’t play anymore. When we brought up Riley Adams, he got 28 at-bats, didn’t hit much, and was sent out. If a guy is worth calling up, he’s worth giving 100+ at-bats.
  • I’d find Otto Lopez (don’t call me Velez) playing time somewhere. At the moment, it would be center field. I know it is wrong to bench Randal for having a bad game, but he’s had a bad few months, and I’m willing to see what Lopez can do.
  • Kirk plays almost every day (I’m willing to leave Ryu and McGuire as a tandem).

I don’t know what is going on with Adam Cimber. In his last 6 appearances, batters have hit .375/.444/.500 against him. In his first 14 games with the team, batters hit .125/.140/.188.

Things like that are why managers go gray.

Other reasons managers go gray:

There is a bit of news this morning: Rafael Dolis cleared waivers and was outrighted to Buffalo. Hopefully, he finds what made him successful last year and maybe throws a bit quicker.

And today’s Kirk, no Smith, no Lopez.