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Blue Jays are mandating vaccines or negative tests for fans at the park

Kansas City Royals v. Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Jon Blacker/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Blue Jays are joining the Leafs, Raptors, and FC in requiring proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative test within 48 hours of the game.

I’ll all for the idea. In Calgary, we talked about going to a Stampeders game, but with the numbers being what they are here, I won’t go because they don’t require vaccination. I’m sure the Jays did a little calculation of how many people like me there are and said, ‘if we want to sell more tickets, this is what we have to do.’

Complaints against this remind me of the complaints about banning smoking in restaurants and bars 15 years ago.

Why wait until September 13th? Likely because they have already sold tickets to games before that date.

Will this allow them to end limits on ticket sales? That, it seems, is a question for the Ontario government, but I’d imagine that is the hope.