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Blue Jays 2022 Schedule

Kansas City Royals v. Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Jon Blacker/MLB Photos via Getty Images

MLB has released next year’s schedule. The Blue Jays open the season March 31st in Baltimore. The home opener is April 4th against the Rays.

We are home for Canada Day (again against the Rays). Not home for Victoria Day.

The season ends with a six-game homestand against the Yankees and then the Red Sox.

For those of us in western Canada, the Jays are in Seattle July 7th to 10th.

They go to Kansas City in early June. Last year we planed to go to KC for the series. I’d love to see the Negro League Hall of Fame. Hopefully the world will be back to whatever passes for normal by then. Maybe we’ll get to go next year.

Let is know if there are any road trips that look good to you?