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Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Red Sox 8 Blue Jays 9

That was unbelievable. An eighth-inning, three-run home run by George to get us a win. You’ll have to excuse that the recap is a mess, but this was an amazing game. And our picture choices aren’t great yet, pics from late in the game haven’t loaded yet.

We were losing by five and people were jumping ship. And we come back and win it. A big comeback against the Red Sox is as good as life gets.

Hyun Jin Ryu picked a bad day to have a crappy start.

It wasn’t like the Red Sox were hitting rockets off him. He didn’t give up a home run. He only gave up two extra-base hits, both double. One of them was a pop fly down the left-field line when Lourdes Gurriel was shifted around to center field (and then booted when he got to the ball).

Ryu just gave up a lot of balls that weren’t hit at fielders. Not that he was good or anything, but being bad plus being unlucky isn’t a good combination.

And he left the game with the bases loaded, but Patrick Murphy let the inherited runners score (and then pitched a quick fifth when it was his ERA at risk).

In all Ryu went 3.2, allowed 10 hits (8 singles and 2 doubles), 7 earned (3 that were on base when he left) with 1 walk and 1 strikeout. His defense didn’t do him much for favors.

As mentioned, Murphy let the inherited runners score in fourth, then pitched a scoreless fifth.

Kirby Snead allowed a run in 1.2 innings, off 2 hits, and a walk.

Rafael Dolis got the last out of the seventh (just to make sure the game cleared the four-hour mark). He gave up a double in the eighth but stranded the running in the 45 minutes half-inning (Is it my imagination or is Dolis a little quicker than he used to be?).

Romero’s inning was amazing and talked about below.

Offensively, we should have scored more.

Garrett Richards gave up 6 hits, 4 runs, 3 earned, 1 walk, and 2 strikeouts. We should have scored more against him. We were ripped off by a very bad strike three call on a full count to Marcus Semien, in the third inning. It was a game-changer. With two on and no outs, the pitch was easy 2 inches off the inside of the plate. Inside pitches should be easier for an ump to call because he should be set up on the inside corner. If he got the call right, we would have had the bases loaded with no outs.

We got one run that inning, with the proper call (and events continuing as they did, which isn’t a given) we would have had at least two.

Beyond that, we got a run in the first, on singles from George Springer, Teoscar Hernandez, and Corey Dickerson.

Two in the fifth. Reese McGuire walked and Vlad hit his 35th home run of the season.

Two more in a weird seventh inning:

  • Springer walked on four pitches and got to third on two wild pitches (he could have scored on a third one, but no sense in taking a chance with no outs).
  • Vlad got to 3-0 and then the Red Sox took Hirokazu Sawamura out of the game with an ‘injury’. Kind of an iffy thing, with an injury, the next pitcher gets as long as he needs to warm up. So I would have claimed an inning too.
  • Adam Ottavino comes in and finishes up the walk to Vlad.
  • Marcus Semien scored Springer with a sac fly.
  • Vlad stole second. I’m not a huge fan of a steal late in a game when you are down by three. His run isn’t the important one, but he was easily safe, so ok.
  • Teoscar singled home Vlad. Suddenly it is a two-run game.
  • Teoscar moved to second on a wild pickoff throw. Just a stupid play by the Red Sox. If he wants to steal, let him, focus on the batter.
  • Corey Dickerson hit a ground ball, straight at the shortstop, who was playing right behind Teoscar. Teoscar should have gone to second when he saw the ball was right at him. Instead, he breaks for third and is put out easy.
  • With Lourdes Gurriel up, Dickerson steals second. Ok, still not a fan but again he was safe easy.
  • But then Dickerson is picked off second. Something that can’t happen. Tying run at the plate and you end the inning?

Anyway, two innings to play and down two.

There were interesting moments in the eighth as well:

With one out, Breyvic Valera singled. Tying run at the plate. Santiago Espinal up. If Bo could play defense, this might be a pinch-hit spot. But Espinal hits, and flies out. Reese up. Again, I’d likely pinch-hit with Kirk, but Reese works a walk. Great at-bat by McGuire. Just amazing.

Springer up. He gets to 2-2 and then launches a home run.


That is hard to believe. Baseball doesn’t get better than that.

Jordan Romano in for the bottom of the ninth. He got a Marwin Gonzalez strikeout. Christian Vazquez ground out to Vlad. Jarren Duran strikes out. We saw 101 MPH pitches, he was pumped.


I would kiss Romano on the lips.

Jays of the Day: Springer (.797 WPA) I think that should be a platinum JoD.

Romano (.173, who can have any one of my children he wants), Vlad (.190, 2 for 4 home run, 2 RBI, walk), Teoscar (.183, 3 for 4, 2 RBI). Let’s give an honorable mention to Reese, cause that walk was huge.

And, let's give one to all of us who watched all of that. We earned it.

Suckage: Ryu (-.264), Murphy (-.148), Semien (-.165, 0 for 3, k), Lourdes (-.139, 0 for 4, plus the bad play in left) and Espinal (-.127, 0 for 4).

Tomorrow is an off-day. I don’t know about you but I need it.

Then the Angels.

We had 655 comments in the GameThread. It slowed some in the middle. EMK19 led us to the most exciting victory of the season.

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