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Friday Bantering: Sweeping Jays Bits

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

I’m off to play tennis for the first time in many years, so this will be quick. After a year and a half of doing little, I’m looking for some new hobbies. Maybe tennis?

I’m always amazed at the healing power of the changing over of a month.

The team is 8-0 in September.

Our starting pitchers have a 3.26 ERA, allowing a .226/.288/.358 batting line.

The relievers haven’t been a good 4.44 ERA, but then they haven’t had to be. They have done the job when we’ve needed it.

Our batters are hitting .301/.386/.601 for the month so far, after hitting .251/.320/.420 in August.

I want to do a post on this, but I thought I’d just ask the question now, and we’ll do a post looking at the numbers later:


Who would you pick as Blue Jays MVP (to this point)?

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  • 58%
    Vladimir Guerrero
    (419 votes)
  • 20%
    Robbie Ray
    (146 votes)
  • 20%
    Marcus Semien
    (145 votes)
  • 0%
    Someone else
    (5 votes)
715 votes total Vote Now

Gregor Chisholm writes about Alejandro Kirk. He’s right that the injury earlier in the season cost him any shot at the Rookie of the Year award. And I do like the idea of Kirk as leadoff hitter against LHP in Springer's absence. I don’t think his lack of speed should disqualify him from the job. It isn’t like leadoff hitting steal many bases anymore, and you have the power behind him. He’s going to get to trot home a bunch.

I generally think that having speed in the back of the order is a better idea (presuming the speed isn’t combined with the best hitter). Score big at the top of the order and manufacture at the bottom if you want to use the phrase.

This is a pretty great list to be on:

If this seemed like the best series we’ve ever had against the Yankees, well, you are right:

Chris Sale has been placed on the Covid IL and will miss his next Saturday:

This comes out after Hunter Renfroe said on Boston radio that the MLB told them to stop testing:

Of course, MLB denies this. It is a pretty terrible statement about MLB if it is true. Maybe it is just a rumor that has been circulating among the players. Or, it is entirely possible that someone from the MLB office suggested this without talking to other people in the office.

This seems to be a thing. Lately, I’ve been told several times that Alberta should stop testing. I disagree. I prefer to know what’s happening. And I think hospitals need to know what the future looks like. Hospital admissions follow Covid numbers.

But in the Red Sox case, if they don’t test, they can’t keep their players and staff safe.

When you thought you couldn’t love the home run jacket more, there is this: