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Around the Nest Blue Jays Minor League Podcast - 2021 Episode 18: Running on Vibes

Trent Palmer throws his second no-hitter of the summer!

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The Around The Nest crew. Tyler Zickel of the Vancouver Canadians (top left), Andrew Thriffiley of the Dunedin Blue Jays (top right), Pat Malacaro of the Buffalo Bisons (bottom left), and Tyler Murray of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (bottom right).

Around The Nest is the weekly Toronto Blue Jays minor league podcast, hosted by Tyler Zickel of the Vancouver Canadians (high-A). On this episode, Zick is joined by Pat Malacaro of the Buffalo Bisons (triple-A), Tyler Murray of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (double-A), and Andrew Thriffiley of the Dunedin Blue Jays (low-A) in Lakeland, Florida.

On our penultimate episode of the season, Thriffiley gives us the behind-the-scenes information about Trent Palmer, who threw another seven-inning no-hitter for the Dunedin Blue Jays, two days less than a month after his first one for the Dunedin Blue Jays. We also hear him give props to P.K. Morris for his defense at first base.

Up in triple-A Buffalo, the Bisons clinched the Northwast division champions, but they were somewhat disappointed that there were no immediate celebrations as it came upon a Lehigh Valley IronPigs loss after the Bisons’ game. They have won 14 of their last 17 and the pitching has carried the team, with new guys like Gregory Polanco, Bowden Francis, and Zach Logue contributing in various ways.

The Fisher Cats had a bunch of ballgames cancelled due to a COVID incident and contact tracing protocols but they’re back on the field now with a bunch of new faces, including Spencer Horwitz, who was promoted after a 27-game hitting streak in high-A.

The Canadians are not making the playoffs, but Phil Clarke did win back-to-back Player of the Week honours, and Zick talks about some of the guys he thinks will start in double-A next season like Tanner Morris, Will Robertson, and the converted catcher Hagen Danner, who has look really good in the bullpen with his upper-90’s heat and breaking ball combo. We also wonder whether top prospect Adam Kloffenstein has done enough to make the jump to New Hampshire in 2022.

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