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Jays Roster Moves: Castro up, Soria on family medical list

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

The Jays made a roster move before this afternoon’s game.

Joakim Soria has been put on the ‘family medical emergency list’. No word what the emergency is, but those are worrying words. I hope it all turns out ok.

Anthony Castro takes his spot on the roster.

When I start complaining about the 5 commercials that Sportsnet shows us, over and over, during today’s broadcast, remind me that only has 2 commercials they show over and over.

Between that, and the Red Sox bright yellow jersey, I’m having a hard time watching their game against the Orioles. When the Orioles are wearing that orange jersey and it is the better of the two on the field, there is something wrong.

A bit of news:

Apparently, there is a manager of a possible playoff team who is not vaxxed. And it is not Tony La Russa or Aaron Boone.

Today’s lineup: