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A bad night, Gurriel gets hurt, and Jays lose

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Blue Jays 2 Twins 7

So....this didn’t go well.

Besides losing the game, which isn’t fun, Lourdes Gurriel was injured. He and Randal Grichuk were chasing a fly off the wall, Randal got the ball, turned, and fired it into the infield. Gurriel knelt down and had his hand stepped on. I wondered why he didn’t get further out of the way. They say nothing is broken, he just needed two stitches. That’s about the best we can hope. But he might need a game or three to heal up.

And Thomas Hatch came out of the game with right hamstring discomfort. Again, not as bad as it might be, but still.

And the game.

Steven Martz wasn’t good. He went 3 innings, allowed 7 hits, 2 walks with 6 strikeouts....but then just 2 runs. He made the pitches when he had to, but then he made a lot of pitches for 3 innings of work (80).

Thomas Hatch had even more troubles. 1.2 innings, just 1 hit, but 3 walks and 3 earned, with 1 strikeout. He wasn’t right, see the hamstring thing above.

Julian Merryweather gave up a crushed home run, to Nick Gordon. It was the only run he allowed in his 1.1 innings, with a strikeout.

Ryan Borucki pitched 1 innings, gave up 3 hits, and 1 earned. I’m thinking he takes his suspension starting tomorrow.

Adam Cimber pitched a quick 8th.

And offense....we had 11 hits and 4 walks, so you would expect more than 2 runs.

We scored:

1 in the second: Teoscar Hernandez and Gurriel had back-to-back doubles to lead off the inning. But we could only score one run. Randal struck out, Breyvic Valera walked, but Danny Jansen bounced into a double play.

1 in the fourth: Teoscar homered leading off the inning. but we had two 1-out singles and didn’t score again.

We had base runners every inning except for the ninth.

There were a couple of, particularly, bad moments.

In the sixth we had Corey Dickerson on second, Danny Jansen singled, but Dickerson was thrown out at the plate. Rivera was waving him home and then put up the stop sign, but Dickerson likely saw he was being waved and put his head down. It wasn’t close at the plate.

In the eighth, Dickerson had a one-out single. An out later Alejandro Kirk and Danny Jansen each walked. But George Springer lined one right into pitcher Ralph Garza’s glove. If it missed the glove it would have likely been a single, but we didn't get much luck today.

Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit except Springer. Marcus Semien and Teoscar had 2 hits each.

Jay of the Day is Teoscar (.144 WPA).

Suckage: Merryweather (-.198), Jansen (-.165), and Springer (-.147).

Tomorrow we have an 8:10 start time (Minneapolis is weird). Jose Berrios (12-8, 3.45) tries to get us back on the winning ways. Bailey Ober (2-3, 4.34) goes for the Twins.

I’m going to be missing tomorrow. My wife bought me a Scotch tasting night, so I will be drunk. And I’ve earned it.

We had 712 comments in the GameThread. I led us to crushing defeat. Crushing.

I’m going to remind folks that if I or another Mod asks you to stop something, stop. I love the GameThreads, but mostly I love watching the games. If I have to turn away from watching the game to say several times ‘please stop’ (yeah Tom, like you ever say please) I’ll be less than pleased. Moding isn’t a lot of fun. Just pretend that, if we are losing, I won’t be in the best of moods, and I have the ban button. If you feel you want to argue it, email me, I’ll deal with it later, but in the thread, just stop.

And, if you say ‘season’s over’ in the fourth inning of a game we are down by one, I will ban you as fast as I can find the button.

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