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Hall of Fame Poll Results

Sports Contributor Archive 2020 Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

There isn’t much for Blue Jays news, so I thought we should look at our Hall of Fame poll results.

I guess it is news that the Owners will present a new offer to the Players on Thursday. Unfortunately, there is no word on what is in the new proposal or any different from what they offered before the lockout.

Like last year, if we were the writers, we would only vote in one player, Gary Sheffield (my mom was born in Sheffield, England, which, come to think of it, means nothing). Sheffield was the only one to make the 75% mark last year. So I think he deserves the Hall, but the BBWAA disagrees. Sheffield was on 40.6% of their ballots last year. As this is his ninth time on the ballot, I can’t imagine he’ll make that 35 point jump in two seasons.

Scott Rolen came very close. In our vote, he moved up 7%, from last year. I would love to see him in the Hall. He was on 52.9% of the Writers’ ballots last year.

Compared to last year, Jones jumped 8%, Schilling 7%, Wagner 7%, Clemens 6%, Sosa 5%, and Ramirez 5%,

Clemens dropped 6% and Vizquel 5%.

Beyond those, most were within a couple of points or where we had them last year.

If it were up to me alone, I’d put in Rolen, Bonds and Wagner. I go back and forth on Ortiz and ARod, but I’d likely give them another year.