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Question time: What do sports commentators say that you hate?

Toronto Blue Jays beat the Chicago White Sox 14-5 Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

This lockout is going to drive me to drink. But, of course, several things are making people drink these days. I am sure the business to be in, over the last two years, is anything in the making or selling of potent potables.

Sportsnet has a long read on extending Vladimir Guerrero and Bo Bichette. I agree that it should be done and done soon (right after the lockout ends is not too soon to me). A press conference with the two of them together would be a great thing just before the season starts. But, I guess it would be hard to do. Would you offer both the same amount? Would one accept less than the other?

And Baseball America has a complete list of International Free Agent signings. The Jays list:

The big-name, as mentioned yesterday, is catcher Luis Meza.

Let’s ask a question:

What do sports commentators say that you hate?

For me, lately, it has been....the play-by-play person says something like Player X “has been playing good today” and the analyst person says “he’s been playing very good”. Just kind of one-upping without telling us anything new. It isn’t just baseball, though Tabler is a master of it.

I hear it about 10 times every hockey game I watch. “That was a big hit” “That was a very big hit”. I know it is tough to come up with things to say, and most seem allergic to dead air. Personally, I’d prefer to have moments of quiet.

Give us lest favorite lines.