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Monday Bantering

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Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

I’ve been taking a couple of days off from the world. I’m in Edmonton, visiting my mom and sister, friends and having supper with my oldest boy tomorrow.

And there has been little for baseball news. It doesn’t seem like there has been any movement in the talks between the Players and the Owners. I’d call it depressing, but there are many other things going on that are more depressing, I don’t know that this should crack the top 10. Just get it done.

Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers have the latest here.

This comes close to news:

Apparently, the Giants are not doing long-term contracts. Seems stupid to me. It isn’t like the Giants are hurting for money, they aren’t a small market team. And Gausman's contract isn’t exactly record-setting.

Anyway, their loss is our gain.

Brian Butterfield, who we interviewed long ago and who I really liked, isn’t going to be working this year, because he won’t get vaccinated. It hurts my view of him. Ken Rosenthal has the story here. And Butterfield says his wife is ‘at risk’ so you would think he’d want to be protected.

But then John Stockton tells us that over 100 athletes have died on the field of play because of the vaccine. You would think there would be a news story about that.

If news comes up, use the comment thread to share it.