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Monday Bantering: Just stuff

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Happy New Year.

I'm trying to avoid thinking that this year has to be better than last, mostly because I believe the gods take it as a challenge. "You don't think it can be worse? I'll show you."

My resolution? Try to focus on the thing I can change. Covid is going to run ramped no matter what I do or think. I will try to get to the gym as much as possible, as I'm guessing they will close the gyms soon. I'm going to hate that. It has been as much for my mental health as my physical.

I've been enjoying tennis, though if someone has a surefire cure for tennis elbow, I'd appreciate it. It isn't that bad, but it doesn't seem to go away.

If you have a resolution you want to share, go ahead.

As always, there isn't much for Blue Jays news.

There is a rumour the Jays will play some in Buffalo this year while they upgrade Rogers Centre. I didn't think they would be moving fast enough on it to cause trouble this season, but I also believe they will try to do most of the work in the off-season (and they are likely to get more off-season this year than we hoped).

I'm wondering what $250 million can do. I think we'll be underwhelmed but who knows.

Our old friend, Tyler Chatwood, has signed with the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks of the NPB. I can understand why kind of borderline MLB players would sign in Japan now. You might as well get a guarantee when you aren't sure the season will start on time.

MLB Trade Rumors asks who is blocking Gabriel Moreno. I don't think anyone is blocking him. I believe that when he's ready, likely in the middle of this coming season, he'll become our catcher.

The trouble is that Jansen and Mcguire have little in trade value. Kirk could be traded, but do you want to give up that bat? I guess it depends on what we get back.

Yahoo Sports has a post up about how MLB could cut back on its carbon footprint. The biggest issue is all the flying between cities. The best way to cut that is to have teams play more within geographic zones. Maybe realigning the AL and NL so you play the teams closest to you more. Unfortunately, I'm not sure MLB is up to that.

It is worth the read.

Sportsnet has a list of four players who are "breakout candidates" for this year. And Nate Pearson is on the list.

We can hope.