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Jays Minor League Signing: Gosuke Katok

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

vvvWe have actually Blue Jays or at least Blue Jaysish news.

The Jays have signed Gosuke Katoh to a minor league contract. He gets a spring training invite. Katoh is a utility infielder, 27-years old, a left-handed bat. He was a Yankees’ second-round pick in 2013.

He hasn’t played in the majors. In the minors, he has a .259/.359/.388 line. Last year, playing Triple-A El Paso, in the Padres system, he hit .306/.388/.474, playing first, second, third and left.

I’m afraid that this is going to be the type of signing we are going to get until the lockout ends.

Update, this is terrific:

There is a reason why dictators want to control all the media outlets in their countries. And why they try to block media from other countries.

MLB works much like a dictator. They own MLB Network,, the teams own most of their team’s media, Rogers owns Sportsnet, you have to work to find non-team owned coverage of the Blue Jays.

So when a reporter, ever so gently, criticizes the Commissioner of Baseball, it doesn’t matter how popular the reporter is, he’s likely to be fired.

And so Ken Rosenthal gets fired from the MLB Network. Not for something he said on the MLB Network, but for something he wrote for the Athletic.

Firing someone as popular as Rosenthal sends a message to anyone else reporting on one of the MLB-owned platforms, “don’t criticize the Commissioner”. Considering how hard it is to find a job in journalism these days, I’m sure it is a message that is noticed.

And we wonder why all the articles we see tell us how wonderful the owners’ are.

Apparently what Manfred didn’t like was:

“The mere suggestion of a canceled season—seemingly over financial concerns—is offensive,” Rosenthal wrote.

“Manfred and the owners, supposed stewards of the game, are turning the national pastime into a national punch line, effectively threatening to take their ball and go home while the country struggles with medical, economic and societal concerns,” he added.

Rosenthal was ‘benched’ for three months over that. And then let go. It seems like a comment that the Commissioner of Baseball shouldn’t even notice. But, make one example, and you save yourself other complaints.

To me, it is the sort of thing that will colour my view of the MLB Network.