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Hall of Fame Poll: Billy Wagner

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Philadephia Phillies vs. New York Mets - May 24, 2006 Photo by Ryan Born/Getty Images

We’ve made it to the end of the list. I’d hope for news but I doubt there is an end to the lockout coming soon. Jeff Passan tells us there hasn’t been a ‘substantive negotiating session’ since the lockout began. He also says that everyone knows there is a ‘path to a deal’, though he doesn’t suggest what that might be. I would think that if you knew how the lockout could end, you would state what that is.

Billy Wagner’s on the Hall of Fame ballot for the seventh time. He was on 46.4% of the ballots last year, jumping up from 31.7% up from 16.7% the year before. Another big jump would be getting close to that 75% number he needs.

He pitched for five different teams in his 16-year career, spending most of it with the Houston Astros.

Wagner sits sixth on the all-time saves list. He made seven All-Star teams, won one reliever of the year award, got MVP votes twice and Cy Young votes twice.

He pitched in 853 games, had a 2.31 ERA (terrific career number) with 422 saves. He averaged 11.9 strikeouts per 9 innings (an excellent career number).

Billy pitched in the playoffs seven times but never made it to the World Series. He has terrible numbers in 14 playoff games, a 10.03 ERA, allowing 21 hits in 11.2 innings.

Comparing him to Trevor Hoffman, who is in the Hall, Wagner has about 150 fewer innings, almost half a run better ERA, and he has about 60 more strikeouts (in the 150 fewer innings) with 7 fewer walks (in 150 fewer innings). Hoffman’s argument over Wagner is all the save count (601 for Hoffman, 422 for Wagner). Wagner had 69 blown saves for an 86% save percentage. Hoffman 76 for an 89% save percentage. So the difference in the Writers vote is all the save total.


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