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Tuesday Bantering: Jays Notes

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ross Atkins talked to the press today. Not much real news out of it.

George Springer has a concussion and an elbow sprain out of the collision. He may need surgery for a bone spur in his elbow, which is a separate issue. He hasn’t been cleared to fly home yet, but apparently, it won’t be long.

And Ross made it clear that John Schneider will be the manager next year. They just haven’t signed the contract yet. Not a surprise considering the team record after he took over.

Beyond that, not much for real news.

I do agree with this:

But then I don’t think any team was ‘consistent’ this year.

And they have talked to some players about contract extensions.

I’m guessing there will be fewer personnel changes than most seem to want. After arbitration, the payroll with be between $170-180 million. I can’t imagine they will be going too much higher than that.

But Rob Longley tells us that work has started on Rogers Centre.

I still see people on Twitter complaining about Bo Bichette trying to make that catch. I would have thought that, if you had watched baseball at all, you know players go after a ball until they are called off.

But, for reasons that baffle me, Bo gets all diagnosed with all sorts of character flaws:

  • He wants to be the hero. Well, I wanted someone to be the hero. But all he has to do is go for the ball until called off.
  • He’s selfish. Really? How do you decide that?
  • He’s too proud. Ummmmm I don’t understand that either. Seems a weird thing to guess at from watching him on TV.

Anyway, pop fly. Bo chases it. While he is chasing it he doesn’t know if it is closer to him or closer to Springer. He only knows his job is to go for it. He can’t look down to see where everyone is, he’s chasing the ball.

Now, if the ball landed ten feet closer to the infield, and Bo didn’t go after it, then there would be all sorts of other names he’d be called. And, in that case, it would be deserved.

The Pete Walker drunk driving saga has come to an end:

I’m not a fan of reducing a drunk driving charge to something less. It seems wrong to me. I think if someone was driving drunk they reduce charges. But I don’t know the detail. I guess it would be hard for the Jays to keep employing him if he had a drunk driving conviction.