Franchise Baseball League Invitation

Hi Jays Fans,

I'm stealing a post from 4 years ago and re-posting it here for everyone to see. A BBB user posted this in 2018 and I saw it and joined this amazingly fun baseball simulation league. Now there is another spot open in the league and I'm looking to return the favour by inviting someone to join. It is free. Please comment if you're interested!

I wanted to make a fan post and see if anybody in our community would be interested in joining an obscenely fun strat-o-matic baseball simulation league. I'd give a really long, thorough explanation but the website dedicated to this league provides more information than I'm willing to write down.

We have a major league 40-man roster, a 'protected' minor league player list from real-life trades, service time implications, a free agency period, a rule-5 draft and much more! It's the best 'fantasy' league I've been in, and the members are mostly great (with the exception of a few who ought not be named haha).

We're looking for somebody who enjoys committing a shameful amount of time constructing trades, and who would be looking to take over the league's Baltimore Orioles team.

I'd urge anybody interested to go on the website and look at our leagues constitution/rule book, as well as the myriad of other neat little wrinkles.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to reply on this fanpost and we can go from there!

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