Bench of Hate

It's time to round out our team of hate. We've got a starting lineup, rotation and bullpen. In the Bullpen of Hate, I stated that the bench would be five guys since we've got 6 relievers. I'm going with the classic 25-man roster. However, this will actually only be four players since we have a platoon in LF with Mencherson. That means if one of those lousy bums is starting, the other is riding the pine, so only four more to get to a 25-man roster (although for a bonus, if someone gets enough hate in the comments, we can add a 26th man, which means at this point, Siefert will be picking the 26th man).

Let's get hatin'!

Utility IF: Who else could it be? This spot goes to one of my most recent whipping boys, Joe Panik. I don't think I need to elaborate here, I've spilled enough virtual ink declaring my disdain for Panik. I might just hate him the most of all and because of that, he sits on the bench, even on the Team of Hate.

Backup catcher: This is tough. I don't hate Jays' catchers as a rule. Even Zaun wouldn't have made the list if it wasn't for social media and him being on Jays broadcasts. I also can't go with a certain young man who is notorious for his um, extracurricular activities in parking lots, because I don't want to provoke Barraqudie's ire again. So let's go with Benito Santiago. When in doubt, go with the 1997 team. Santiago was brought in because of Charlie O'Brien's anemic bat. However, he was no better than O'Brien despite being an all-star more than once. In fact, his 1997 campaign was one of his worst. Swell.

Backup 1B/3B/Corner OF/DH/General slop: Cowboy Up! It's Kevin Millar! Hat tip to fellow Dan, Radivel, for reminding me of this guy. One surefire way to make the list of hate is to come in with some Red Sox stink like Hanson, Clemens, etc. At least Clemens was good and Hanson was hurt. Millar just flat out sucked. What hurt even worse was Cito seemed to like him and played him way too much. Et tu, Cito?

Another stupid utility IF: Anyone who remembers JP Ricciardi remembers that he loved his "dirt dog" infielders. Scrappy guys that generally weren't that good, but hey, they got their jerseys dirty. The one that stands out the most to me is Frank Menechino. Menechino just seemed so useless and JPR loved this guy. I give Gord Ash a lot of grief but JPR was great at cycling through a lot of mediocre players in his time as GM. Menechino wasn't bad per se, but just so maddeningly mediocre, much like JPR's tenure as GM. Menechino is the perfect guy to have to finish in 3rd place in your division year after year.

*******************BONUS CONTENT!!!!!1**********************************************

Most hated GM: Who else could it be but Canada's own, Gord Ash. Ash proved he didn't learn a damn thing working with Gillick all those years with his mind-boggling stupid trades and questionable free agent signings. I always thought Interbrew tightened the purse strings but Gord spent on pitching (Clemens, Hanson) so he can't even be credited there. Gord At least he drafted well.

Most hated Manager: How can I disagree with George Bell? That's right, we're going with Jimy "One M" Williams. Jimy loved to get the worst out of his teams. The secret is to have everybody hate you. It's a remarkable achievement to make the top of this list what with the underwhelming stylings of Carlos Tosca, Lyin' Tim Johnson, Buck Martinez, Charlie Montoyo (that one is just for Twitchy), Jim Fregosi et al.

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