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Sunday Bantering: Manoah Earns Bonus

Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game One Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Happy Sunday.

There isn’t much for Blue Jays' news this morning (or any morning for the past couple of months). And I’m sad that England lost, partly because their best player fired a penalty kick over the goal (which is an English tradition, I know, thanks, Beckham).

Alek Manoah is one of 100 players who picked up bonuses through the new Pre-Arbirtration Bonus Pool Program (doesn’t that just roll off the tongue).

The pre-arbitration players can get a bonus:

though their “Joint WAR” figure, as well as placement in year-end awards voting. “Joint WAR” is a unique Wins Above Replacement metric agreed upon by MLB and the MLBPA, with separate calculations for hitters and pitchers.

There is a pool of $50 million to go to players who haven’t hit arbitration (or super two) status.

It’s a way of making up for the unfairness of pre-arbitration contracts.

Manoah is getting a $2,191,023 bonus (I’d also like to say I’m getting a $2 million bonus. I’d love to say that, but such is life. Think of all the Cheese Doodles you could get for that.).

Others getting over $1,000,000:

Dylan Cease: $2,457,426

Yordan Alvarez: $2,381,143

Zac Gallen: $1,670,875

Julio Rodríguez : $1,550,850

Michael Harris II: $1,361,435

Emmanuel Clase: $1,354,962

Andrés Giménez: $1,308,805

Adley Rutschman: $1,177,555

Kyle Tucker: $1,146,555

Spencer Strider: $1,077,294

I still haven’t seen any suggestion on what Kevin Kiermaier is getting for a contract. I’m kind of interested, but then it doesn’t matter that much.

There are rumours that the team is talking to Michael Conforto and Michael Brantley to fill out the outfield. I’m not thrilled with either. I’d rather have someone who could play center. As much as Kiermaier is ok and all, I’d rather he not be our full-time CF.

The Mets signed Kodai Senga for 5 years at $15 million annually, so another one is off the market. It appears that the Mets are trying to build MLB’s first 8-man starting rotation. But good for them for spending money.

Outsports has a story on former Jays’ pitcher TJ House’s coming out. It is nice to see a happy story.