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Sunday Bantering: Jays Stuff

MLB: Wild Card-Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

With Argentina up 2-0 (and me wearing my Messi jersey), I think they have the World Cup well in hand.

Winter has returned to my little outpost on the edge of civilization. It turned cold and snowy yesterday. We were planning to head up to Edmonton to see my son’s new house, but road conditions were pretty crappy, and there was no reason to take chances. We’ll get up there after Christmas.

There hasn’t been much for Jays' news.

Jon Heyman tells us that the Jays were ‘finalists’ for Masataka Yoshida (along with the Dodgers), but since the Red Sox are paying $90 million over five years (plus a $15 million posting fee) for him, I’m not too sad about missing out. It seems like a lot of money, but everyone is getting a lot this winter.

He also says that the Jays might not trade a catcher after all. I hope he’s wrong. I think holding on to all three for another year will see. At least one of them loses trade value. But I guess if a deal isn’t there, there is no reason to accept less than what they feel one of their catchers is worth.

There is a lot of off-season left.

I’m a bit sad that Anthony Kay was dropped from the 40-man. Add him to the list of ‘what might have been’.

In other MLB news:

  • The Dodgers signed Bradley Zimmer to a minor-league deal for some reason. They are also signing J.D. Martinez to a one-year, $10 million contract.
  • Dansby Swanson signed with the Cubs for seven years and $177 million, with a full no-trade contract. FanGraphs figured he would get six years and $144 million (but then everyone is getting more than we would expect).
  • The Mets signed Kodai Senga, for five years and $75 million. He gets an opt-out after 2025. That deal is right on what FanGraphs suggested.

Enjoy your Sunday, but remember, only 7 shopping days until Christmas (that term shopping days has lost its meaning with shops being open Sundays).