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Off-Topic: What was the best part of your year?


We have asked these questions for the last couple of years. The idea was stolen from Minor Leaguer.

What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

What was the best part of this past baseball season for you?

The best thing for me this year?

Reconnecting with friends has been the best part of the year. After a couple of years of staying distant, being able to go for lunch, go for drinks, hang out with old friends and make and enjoying new friends. I’ve always been an introvert and have only had a few terrific friends, but being away from people for so long has taught me that friends are important.

We started travelling again. There was a trip to Churchill. We saw polar bears and beluga whales in the wild. And we had a fantastic cruise in the Mediterranean. I liked seeing the pyramids in Egypt.

What was the best part of this past baseball season for you?

The Jays making the playoffs. The playoffs didn’t go how we would have liked, but we got there, and for 20some years, playoffs were something other teams did.

Watching Alek Manoah become a star was great fun. I look forward to seeing how his career plays out.

Happy New Year.