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Baseball is Back!!

Barring act of Rob Manfred.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Let there be joy in the land!!!

Unless something unforeseen happens, we will have baseball.

Jeff Passan, back from a few hours of selling NFTs (someone hacked his account, or perhaps he didn’t see a future in baseball reporting), tells us that there is a deal. That it has to be ratified by both the players and owners, but we should have baseball.

Players can report to spring training tomorrow. Opening Day is expected to be April 7th.

Apparently, the players voted 26-12 in favour.

Champagne for everyone.

We’ll be hearing about signings soon.

Life is good!

Updates as we get them.

More good news:

Real baseball!


It looks like we get shifts for another year. I’d rather not limit strategy.

Still More: