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Better Know Your Blue Jays 40-man: Thomas Hatch

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

We picked up Thomas Hatch in trade for David Phelps at the end of June 2019. The Blue Jays signed Phelps to a minor league contract back in November. He’ll be a non-roster invite to spring training.

Over the past two years, Hatch has thrown 35.2 innings for the Jays. He made two starts for us last year. He is 27 now, so the clock is ticking on his career.

I don’t know about anyone else, but every time the Jays sign or trade for another pitcher, I feel sorry for guys like Hatch, who are just on the edge of coming true and having them pushed a little further away. Much the same as I think of Jordan Groshans after the Chapman trade.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about having a better team. But, I like to watch young players come up.

Hatch has moved back a couple of spots on the starting pitching depth charts and two or three spots on the bullpen side. Which doesn’t mean we won’t see him at some point this year. Teams tend to use every pitcher on the depth chart most seasons.

Hatch throws hard. In 2020, as a reliever, his fastball averaged 95.6 MPH. Last year, as a starter, he averaged 94.1. He pairs it with a change, slider and sinker. I don’t know if he would be better off as a starter or a reliever, but I’d imagine he would be happy with either job if it meant sleeping in major league level hotels (not to mention making major league level money).

Hatch has options left, so he could come up and down a few times.

PECOTA sees him pitching in 25 games with 3 starts, for 33.2 innings and a 4.79 ERA. 30 strikeouts and 14 walks. That seems a little heavy on the walks. Simulated Hatch should go right after the batters.


If the over/under on Hatch’s innings is 33 I’d take the

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With the Jays, Hatch will pitch more innings of

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Does Hatch have a future with the Blue Jays?

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