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Wednesday Bantering: Jays sign Dexter Fowler

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t realize the Jays game wasn’t a day game today. They and the Yankees play at 6:30 Eastern.

The Blue Jays have signed Dexter Fowler to a minor league contract with a spring invite. Fowler is 36. The last time he had an OPS+ over 100 was 2017. He's a switch hitter who has played in the MLB for 14 years and has a .259/.358/.417 line.

He has played primarily center field in his career, but his career UZR/150 is -9.2 there, so he isn't a great defensive player. He was a good base stealer when he was younger, but at 36, some of the speed is gone.

Personally, I'd rather keep Raimel Tapia on the roster.

It was kind of a play in two parts:

I missed this the other day, but Pete Walker pled not guilty to the DUI charges. So that's one way to go, I guess.

I understand that police tend to exaggerate in reports, but if the report is close to accurate, I would have thought some negotiation on the charges and plea bargain would be the way to go. But I guess it is early innings.

The MLB will take the home run derby on a world tour. It will travel to London (July 9th), Seoul (September 17th) and Mexico City (October 15th), apparently during the season:

People will come out to watch cricket in London as long as there is beer, so I'd imagine they will go to watch people hit home runs if there is beer. The other two cites? I have no idea.