Breakfast of Champions

In foursomes golf, where two partners play two others, one sometimes encounters a team where player A will be great on some holes, and then stink on the others, while his partner does the opposite. For example, A makes a birdie 3, while his partner B makes a triple-bogey 7. C & D, meanwhile, both make 4's, and thus lose the hole, as lowest score wins, not the team total of 10 vs. 8.The entire round goes this way - C&D are very steady, and shoot a few over par. A&B are all over the place, both shooting over 80. They also win the match, 4 and 3. In golf, this is known as "ham and egging".

Last year's Jay team was the exact opposite of ham&egging in the early going. I looked up the numbers from our first few series of the year (neglecting interleague play):

VS LAA 5-7,1-7,15-1 Run Differential (Tor-opp) +6, Rec: 1-2

VS NYY 1-3,7-3,5-4 RD:+7, Rec 2-1

VS KC 5-7,5-1,2-3,0-2 RD-1, Rec 1-3

VS BOS 2-4,6-3 RD+1 Rec 1-1

VS TB 5-3,3-5,1-0 RD+1 Rec 2-1

VS OAK 4-5,1-4,9-4,RD+1, Rec 1-2

Overall, RD+15, Rec 8-10

And what does it look like for this year?

VS TEX 10-8,4-3,6-12, RD-3, Rec 2-1

VS NYY 3-0,0-4,6-4,0-3 RD-2 Rec 2-2

VS OAK 4-1,5-7,4-3 RD+2 Rec 2-1

VS BOS 1-2,6-1,3-2 RD+5 Rec 2-1

VS HOU 4-3,3-2,7-8 RD+1, Rec 2-1

Overall RD+3, Rec 10-6.

As Tom noted a few days ago, a laugher would be nice, but it's very encouraging to see us winning series with a negative RD, so unlike the early going last year.

Note that last year, we 7-9 after 16 games, so we already 3 games ahead of last year's place, and our hitters, with the exception of Vladdy haven't really gotten hot (Collins is impressing, though). I realize how silly it is to say "All we have to do is match last year's pace, and we'll get 94 wins", but last year from this point, the team played .575 ball, which is quite good, but I think we might be a bit better than this year. Certainly our defense is much improved, as is our bullpen.

So, until the bats heat up and laugh starts pouring in, I hope the Jays will continue to eat the Breakfast of Champions, and enjoy their ham and eggs.

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