Handling Coral, the SBN Commenting System

As we're all aware, the new SBN commenting system is in some ways not great. While it very likely fixed some problems with SBN that we can't see, it also created a bunch of problems that we can see that generally make the experience a lot worse and in particular make GameDay Threads painful to join in and talk with friends / fellow fans.

Because of this, I thought it'd be a good idea to keep a post handy that people can go to to reference how to make the best use of the new commenting system. After looking around, it doesn't seem like SBN is keen to discuss it much, so it's up to the users to try to make the best of it.

SBN is used in two ways: Desktop and Mobile. Therefore, if we want to make a useful list of tips, we should divide it into two sections.



  • There's a maximum number of indentations for a comment, and that number is too few.
  • During large discussions, particularly Game Day Threads, it's really easy to get lost and almost impossible to handle commenting on anything but the most recent comment.
  • Doesn't seem to understand logging into different devices, such as work vs home computer. Comments marked as read on one device might not be marked as read on a different device, even if it's the same user account reading the comments.
  • Comments made that contain links to FanGraphs / BaseballSavant specific locations do not autolink and there is no "Text to Link Here" feature (because it's easy to scam using that)
  • In a larger thread, there is no sorting option for things that are replied to. While you can sort by "Newest", it refers to the top-level newest post (ie, create new post, not new replies). Thus, if you're having a longer discussion somewhere in the middle, you need to fart around to find any replies. This would be alright if it weren't for the "Load More Comments" thing.
  • The second you refresh you need to click "Load More Comments" possibly dozens of times, each time scrolling down to find the button again.
    Why isn't there a "Load All Comments" button ? We may never know.
  • You can't press Shift+Enter to "Submit" a post. You can't use "Tab" to change the page cursor location to "Submit" and press enter. You have to use the mouse to click the button.
    I feel like this is a super common thing that exists on every other forum-like thing ever made, including the old SBN commenting section itself, but isn't here. I think they just straight up forgot to put it in.
    Not having to use the mouse would be great.

Helpful Hints

  • Someone has taken matters into their own hands and made an SBN Chrome Extension. It looks like there's future improvements planned, so hopefully this can help Chrome users.
    (Have tried it, doesn't seem to make any difference far as I can tell...) Useful to know though.
  • My "best" experience so far during a GDT is as follows:
    - Set the organization to "Oldest", which means all new entries appear at the bottom.
    - Scroll to the bottom and regularly press "Z" that reveals and automatically zooms you to new comments.
    - NEVER EVER refresh the screen - if you do, you'll have to hit "Load More Comments" over and over and over again until you actually open them all back up again, and that takes ages and is really annoying to do. As long as you're always at the bottom, that will never show up and you'll always have all the comments there, which means you can periodically scroll up and see if anyone said anything higher up.
    - If you find too many new comments at once and pressing "Z" 100s of times is a PITA, you can press "Shift + A" to mark all current comments as Read, and then go down to the bottom to join the discussion.
  • That, at least, sort of feels like the old system, and as long as you don't refresh the screen, it becomes manageable to follow along pretty well.
  • If you can't link to things because of FG/BS weird links, Tweet them then post your tweet? I guess? Or find a URL Shortener that's SBN approved... or post the copied image to Discord... and so on.


(Sorry, I have nothing to put here really, I use the Desktop - me or anyone with the power to do so can update this based on user comments if anyone replies)


  • Way too many ads!
  • Trying to join/rejoin a large gamethread if you weren't there right from the start is very slow and drains the phone battery much too fast.

Helpful Hints

  • On the PC, Shift-A marks all as read, but on mobile, it's called "Unmark All"

Anyway, if you have advice, ideas, or something that you think will help everyone better join in the fun on BBB, please post below so we can make a nice comprehensive list for users to read.

Editor's Note: This is a FanPost written by a reader and member of Bluebird Banter. It was not commissioned by the editors and is not necessarily reflective of the opinions of Bluebird Banter or SB Nation.