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Off-Day Bantering: Hitting Woes

Toronto Blue Jays play the Seattle Mariners Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

It has been such a frustrating start to the season.

And it is hard to find things to write about.

The team should be winning. Why aren’t they winning? Well, because Vlad, Bo, Teoscar, Chapman and Lourdes aren’t hitting.

How can they start winning? Have those guys, or 3 of 4 of them, start hitting.

Whatever you do really doesn’t matter unless they hit.

Trade for someone. Honestly, no one player will turn around the team unless those guys start hitting. If those guys don’t start hitting, I don’t want to sell off any of our best prospects to add someone.

Fire the hitting coach? Well, sure, if you think he’s the reason we aren’t hitting. Last year, with the same hitting coach, we hit great. But if you think there is someone out there who will say five magic words and they will start hitting, you must be new to baseball.

Fire the manager? Ok, but I don’t know how that relates to getting these guys hitting. I’m pretty sure they aren’t hitting poorly to spite Charlie. Yeah, Teoscar shouldn’t have been thrown out at second yesterday. There have been too many mistakes on the basepaths. But blaming Charlie for that is silly. He should tell players not to do that? Do you think Teoscar needs to be told not to be picked off second? If he does, then the manager is the least of our problems.

Send players to the minors? Well....unless those guys are hitting we won’t win. If they are hitting in Buffalo, we won’t win.

Play around with the batting order? Sure, but again, unless they get hitting, does it matter.

What if they don’t start hitting?

Oh, won’t that be a fun circle of hell we will find ourselves in? If they don’t start hitting, we won’t win, and next off-season will be an interesting thing.

I know people want them to do something, anything, but I’d imagine a panic move won’t help anyone. I think we are going to have to ride it out for a while.

The good news just keeps coming:

Chris Black has a Twitter thread talking about Vlad’s season. Mostly it comes down to how he is hitting on low and high pitches: