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Wednesday Bantering: Random Thoughts

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing I really want to write about this morning, and I have to get out the door in 20 minutes, so let's have some random thoughts.

  • Every time the Jays win a game, and someone shows a little joy on Twitter, there is always that one that says, ‘it was just one game’ as if we can’t be allowed to enjoy a win. I’m a big fan of enjoying every good moment in life. There are many bad moments and it is easy to let the bad moments take over and ruin your mood. If the Jays were only to win 60 games, I’d enjoy every one of those 60 games. The past couple of years has been filled with bad moments. So, if I get something to enjoy, I’m going to enjoy it. I think that’s been the moral of the last year.
  • Cavan Biggio is hitting .276/.462/.379 with 3 doubles, 10 walks and 6 strikeouts. Is it time to bring him back to Toronto? Personally, I’d like to see some power. I don’t think major league pitchers will walk him all that much unless he shows he can hurt them. Vinny Capra hasn’t been playing much, so it sort of feels like it is a wasted roster spot, but, if it is up to me, I’d like to see Biggio hit a few balls hard before he comes back.
  • Want to see what small sample sizes can do? Biggio is hitting .571/.700/.857 vs. LHP and .182/.379/.227 vs RHP. Course that is only 7 AB vs lefties and 22 vs. righties.
  • Ben Nicholson-Smith has a post up on Sportsnet saying the Jays should be more ‘open minded’ about using Jordan Romano. This was the telling line, Charlie asked about using Romano in the tied game he said:

“No, no, we wouldn’t do it on the road,” Montoyo said after the game. “We did that in Houston (when the Astros walked the Blue Jays off) and it usually doesn’t work out.”

Ummmm A) Doing something once and having it not work is not a place where you can use the term ‘usually’. B) Monday, you didn’t use him, and it didn’t work, so can we say that ‘usually not using him doesn’t work?’

I do sometimes excuse not using the closer in a non-closing spot as a ‘he can’t pitch every day, if we make this hard and fast rule, we won’t be tempted to overuse him’. But then, Jordan hadn’t (still hasn’t) pitched since Saturday, and we have a day off today. Jordan has said he doesn’t like to sit too many days in a row. He can have the work.

Bringing in Jordan there doesn’t mean we would have won the game. Had the Cards not scored that inning, we’d still need to have pushed across a run at some point. But. I’d like us not to have hard and fast rules. Anyway, it is a talk that should be had.

  • I hate Betting site ads. I’d seen what betting can do to a family. More, I hate having a betting segment in Jays Central. I’d stopped watching Jays Central in protest of that segment. I don’t it is a protest that’s only in my mind, but it is my thing. I also hate the idea of a ‘betting expert’. Honestly, if you were a betting expert, why would you need to go on TV? You could make lots of money gambling. Add in that the betting expert has all the on-screen charisma that I do, I think it is a waste, but I know Rogers will do anything to make a buck.

Have a good Wednesday. Use the thread to discuss anything that interests you. I gotta run