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Jays Calling Up Casey Lawrence

Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Guardians Photo by George Kubas/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Ben Nicholson Smith reports that Casey Lawrence is being called back up from Buffalo. We knew that Jeremy Beasley would be sent down after throwing 48 pitches today. This will be the third time Beasley has been optioned this year. New rules say they can only be optioned five times. The rule doesn’t seem to have slowed the movement of players up and down.

This is Lawrence’s second time up, so he has a few up, and downs left. Last time up he pitched in 2 games for a total of 3.1 innings. He allowed 4 hits, 1 earned 1 walk and no strikeouts. Lawrence is 34

He has been terrific in Buffalo. In 10 starts, he has a 1.92 ERA. In 61 innings, he’s allowed 39 hits, 5 home runs, 11 walks, and 51 strikeouts.

On Monday, the Jays, and all MLB teams, will have to limit themselves to 13 pitchers, so that might be Lawrence’s second-time option. Unless they decide to send someone else out.

Welcome back, Casey.