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Yesterday’s Umpire Scorecard

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I have to run out, hoping to be back in time for the game, but I just wanted to put the Umpire Scorecard up because....well because it was exactly what we expected.

I can’t understand how someone could be that bad. His called ball percentage was good, mostly because it had to be two feet off the edge of the zone for him to call it a strike. The called strike accuracy was slightly better than tossing a coin.

By total run impact, it was the worst game of the season by far (5.89 total run impact, second-worst 4.43). He had the most pitches called wrong, on the season (26, the next worst was 24, also a Blue Jays game).


Was this the worse umpired game you’ve ever seen

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