Jays 8, White Sox 3 - Limey and son at the game

Finally back in TO visiting my wife’s family and a chance to attend a game.

My seven year old son L came to his second game four years after the first.

Massive thanks to my old friend C who bought us tickets behind the White Sox dugout.

Pregame - visit to St Lawrence Market and a couple of reasonably priced Jays T-shirts later and we walk with the crowd down to the stadium.

Tickets - got them on a email from C, but discovered you need the MLB at the park app. Not great for a Limey trying to keep his costs down and paying for international data.

Saved by a member of security at Gate 4 - who let me connect to her personal phone and download the app. Still needed for 5m to let me reset my password, but finally we were in!

The new big screen looks amazing and the light displays up in the closed dome feels new from our last visit four years ago.

The game itself - a bit of a hush as those two bloopy hits reached to start the game… what’s this? Please not a bad day at the office for my only game of the season…

I’m sorry I doubted you Alec! After the brief worry of that first inning he was so good.

We were truly spoiled, not realising how well he pitched as we watched… we just kind of expected him to retire the batter and retire them he did!

My 7yr old asked to read a comic around inning 3, request denied and he managed really well until I let him read around the 7 inning stretch.

He’s not a sports nut, but he is aware of his dad’s love of all things Blue Jays and I’m glad to say he came away having enjoyed his experience.

highlights and interesting moments:

- all those doubles, extra base hits are just entertaining aren’t they

- Manoah has such a presence, in Alec we trust

- Bo’s defensive gem, what a throw to Biggio at first.

- Me to my friend C "I’m calling it, Teoscar’s going to hit one out!" Prophesy fulfilled on the very next pitch!

- later in the game. me to my friend C "they don’t really go in for chanting here do they, not like football back home… couldn’t we sing something like Teo, teeeoooo!" Seconds later the speakers blare out the music!

- the roar of approval and support for Manoah as he walked off. Everyone rising to their feet to clap and cheer was a special moment to be a part of!

- the flow of the game; tension to start, nudging ahead, coasting at 4-0, uh oh at 4-3 and woo hoo as we put it to bed after that.

- a photo with Ace for my son

Less good

- wow the popcorn is so salty you can barely eat it! Yuck. Sure it might sell a few more drinks, but why not just make it nice for everyone?

- Lopez to Chapman’s head. It’s horrible to watch. Lots of people booing the pitcher around us, but you could tell he was as shocked as we were…

- a predicted Jays grand slam (a man can dream!) which I think ended in a Vladdy strikeout.

- the price of merchandise sixty bucks for a T-shirt with Manoah on the back? Sigh.

Even though he was reading Archie comics when C left us in the 8th, my son wanted to stay to the end and loved his time at the game…

Jays win!

My son and I win too!

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