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Thursday Bantering: Jays Announce Upgrade Plans

Roger Centre entrance, the landmark is a multi-purpose... Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Jays announced their plans to upgrade Rogers Centre. It looks like the plan is to add a few social places. Move the bullpens to a tiered setting. Bigger, better weight room for players.

The park will no longer be symmetrical, but then not too weird. I’m good with that.

This is to buy the Jays 10 to 15 years (I’ll take the over) to figure out how to build a new park.

You can get a better view of the changes here.

And there will be less foul ground:

Shi Davidi shared this. It seems like people are getting fewer as they realize THEY DON’T TASTE GOOD.

The Yankees made a trade, getting All-Star outfielder Andrew Benintendi. It looks like Joey Gallo is going to lose what little bit of playing time he was getting. With Stanton out for a bit, it’s a good move for the Evil Empire.

Going to the Royals are pitching prospects T.J. Sikkema, Chandler Champlain and Beck Way. Sikkema was the Yankees’ #19 prospect by MLB Pipeline. Way was a fourth-round pick in 2020, and throws hard.. Champlain was a ninth-round pick last year.

Keith Law thinks Way haw the most ‘upside’, but might be a reliever. About Sikkema ‘he could end up a fifth starter if he stays healthy’. And he doesn’t think much of Champlain.

Benintendi apparently will be getting vaccinated, so he can come to Toronto for the series in September.

There are reports that the Jays were talking to the Royals about Benintendi.