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Jays Lose to A’s

Toronto Blue Jays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Michael Urakami/Getty Images

Jays 1 A’s 5

So I’m not doing a recap of that.

I do think the Jays deserve a mulligan for the next few days. Processing that their coach and friend lost a daughter would be a tough thing. Neighbours of ours, whose son was in the same grade as my youngest boy, their son died of fentanyl poisoning a year ago and I still have a hard time talking to them. I don’t know what to say. The boys were friends before they were school-aged.

I can imagine how the players are feeling.

But....unfortunately, they have to get playing again and soon.

Anyway, Alek Manoah had a not very Alek Manoah type start. 5.2 innings, 5 runs, 4 runs (a George Springer error allowed one run to score), 2 walks and 5 strikeouts. He gave up 2 home runs.

I figured he would go 7 scoreless innings. Baseball is a strange thing.

Offensively....we had just 5 hits. Alejandro Kirk drove in Vladimir Guerrero for our only run. No Jay had more than one hit.

No Jays of the Day. At the other end, Manoah had the suckage number at -.271. We could give every player in the starting lineup an honourary suckage award.

Tomorrow night they try again.

Yusei Kikuchi (3-4, 4.74) tries to show that his last start, a very good one, wasn’t a fluke. Adrian Martinez (1-1, 6.30) will get his third MLB start.