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Ross Stripling Appreciation Thread

Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

I figured it was time we had a thread just to appreciate Ross Stripling.

He’s been nothing short of amazing.

Last night Dan and Pat were talking about him being a swingman, but there is no way he is a swingman anymore. He’s made 17 starts this year and has a 2.68 ERA in those games. He’s not a swingman unless we suddenly stumble upon Roy Halladay, Dave Stieb and Jimmy Key all in their prime.

The comparisons to Marco Estrada are fair. Ross is getting by with a 92 MPH fastball, a great change, and a slider and curve. Of course, comparing him to Marco is a cautionary tale for his upcoming free agency. Stripling is turning 33 in November. Marco’s career took a sudden downturn at 33. But let’s not worry about that at the moment.

Like Marco, Stripling is a lot of fun to watch. He gets by on movement and changing speeds. He isn’t going to blow fastballs by guys, but then he’ll throw a fastball up in the zone (or above the zone) and get

Stripling hasn’t given up more than 3 runs in a start since May 7th. Since being put into the rotation full time, the team is 9-3 in his 12 starts, and he has a 2.14 ERA (and a 2.55 FIP). He’s holding batters to a .217/.245/.303 batting line in that time. There is no way he comes out of the rotation.

He’s topped out at 94 pitches in a start, but I think he could go a few more, but I don’t see any reason to tire him out in August. We can save that for October.

It will be interesting to see how free agency goes for him. It is his one chance to make a big payday. I’d love him to stay with the Jays, but I worry about how he’ll age. On the plus side, he hasn’t thrown a ton of innings in his career.

After the 2015 season Marco Estrada signed a two-year contract for $26 million. I’d think Ross would be looking in the same range.

Anyway, use the thread to share your appreciation for Ross.