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SBN Reacts: Only 37% of Jays Fans Happy with Deadline Deals

I don’t think this will come as a surprise, but most of us aren’t happen with what the Jays did at the deadline.

Of course, Whit Merrifield and Anthony Bass both looked pretty good yesterday. Maybe the numbers would change with a few more good games from them and Pop.

We were far happier with the draft. Considering we didn’t have a top ten pick, the draft did seem to go very well for the Jays.

And React asked three ‘national’ questions:

I will admit, I don’t think the Nationals could have got enough in return for Soto. I don’t understand why they decided to try him now.

This one is an interesting question. It seems to be teams that didn’t sell off enough players were at the top of the list. And, of course, the Orioles, who desire being in the race, did sell off players.