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GameThread Game #151: Blue Jays at Little Trop of Horrors

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Why is winning a game at the Trop so hard?
I’ll be camping this weekend, so trusting you all to rank up some wins while I’m gone!

Here are tonights lineups. Lets score a lot of runs and not give up many, okay?

Today's Lineups

George Springer - CF Jonathan Aranda - 1B
Bo Bichette - SS Harold Ramirez - DH
Vladimir Guerrero - 1B Wander Franco - SS
Alejandro Kirk - DH Randy Arozarena - LF
Matt Chapman - 3B Manuel Margot - RF
Teoscar Hernandez - RF Isaac Paredes - 3B
Raimel Tapia - LF Miles Mastrobuoni - 2B
Whit Merrifield - 2B Christian Bethancourt - C
Danny Jansen - C Jose Siri - CF
Mitch White - RHP Jeffrey Springs - LHP

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