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Hall of Fame Poll Results

Sports Contributor Archive 2022 Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

If we were voting for the Hall of Fame, there would be three new members of the Hall this year. Gary Sheffield, Todd Helton and Scott Rolen would all go in. In real life?

The Hall of Fame Ballot Tracker has Rolen at 81.2% and Helton at 79.9% (the only ones above the 75% plateau), but that’s with just 37.8% of the Ballots known. The ones that don’t share their ballots tend not to vote for as many as the ones that do share. Sheffield is at 66.4%. I don’t think there is any chance he’ll make it.

As an aside, I love the people who say, ‘steroids don’t make players better’ in the comments of the ballot tracker. If they don’t make players better, why would they take them? Are they saying the players taking them are just incredibly stupid? I mean, I don’t believe steroid use should keep you out of the Hall. But, let's be honest in the arguments.

And, looking at the ballot tracker, I don’t understand why Alex Rodriguez would get fewer votes from the Writers than Carlos Beltran. Is steroid cheating worse than other types of cheating?

If it was me, I’d likely put Alex, Manny, Andruw, and Billy in too. and you could convince me on Kent and Buehrle if you tried.