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Scott Rolen Voted to Hall of Fame

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend will have Blue Jays feel.

Scott Rolen was elected to the Hall, with 76.3% of the Writers putting him on their ballots. He’ll be joined by Fred McGriff, who was elected by the Contemporary Era committee.

Rolen was only on 10.8% of ballots in his first time on the ballot. He moved from there to 17.2% then 35.3, 52.9 and 63.2 before making it on his sixth chance.

Rolen played 17 seasons. Hit .281/.364/.490 with 316 home runs in 2038 games (203 of those with the Blue Jays). On the defensive side, he won eight Gold Gloves. I’m glad he was elected.

Todd Helton came up just 11 votes short at 72.2%. Billy Wagner 68.1%, Andruw Jones (58.1) and Carlos Beltran 46.1% are all within striking distance of the prize.

Jeff Kent falls off the ballot, getting 46.5%


  • ARod: 35.7%
  • Manny Ramirez: 33.2%
  • Omar Vizquel: 19.5%
  • Andy Pettitte: 17.0%
  • Bobby Abreu: 15.4%
  • Jimmy Rollins 12.9%
  • Mark Buehrle: 10.8%
  • Francisco Rodriguez: 10.8%
  • Torii Hunter: 6.9%

Falling off the ballot, getting one vote each: Arroyo, Dickey, Lackey, Napoli, and Street. Getting no votes: Cain, Ellsbury, Ethier, Hardy, Peralta, Weaver and Werth.

Congratulations Rolen. It is a deserved honour.