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Question Time: Baseball Trip?

Roger Centre entrance, the landmark is a multi-purpose... Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

This is the time of year I start thinking about a baseball trip to see the Jays. Well, it used to be before everything went bad.

Because of the pandemic, I had a trip to Kansas City cancelled. I want to go there to see the Negro League Hall of Fame. But I have a friend who is a big Chiefs fan and he’s talking about going to a Chiefs game, so I might do that. And, since the Jays play in KC in April, it won’t work out for both.

I think, this year, I’d like just to go to Toronto. It has been a while and I’m curious about the renovations.

Or the Jays are in Cleveland in early August and host the Cubs and Phillies right after. I’ve never been to Cleveland, and I could get my Toronto time in too. But then the last time I tried to go to Toronto for a series with the Phillies, there were riots in the streets and the series was moved to Philadelphia (the riots may not have been about me coming to town, but that’s the way I choose to remember it).

And it is easy to go to Seattle from here, the Jays are there in July, and that might be a nice trip too. They go from Seattle to LA for a series with the Dodgers. I haven’t been to Chavez Ravine for way too long. That might be a good combination (Google says a 16-hour drive could fly and rent a car, maybe).

The Jays are going to be in Cincinnati in late August. I’ve never been there and then they play in Baltimore right after. Google says 7-hour drive, but there is an off-day in between. That might make for an interesting drive.

Anyway, take a look at the schedule and tell us about any road trips you would like to make to watch our Jays this summer (we got a huge dump of snow over the past two days, I really want to think about summer right now).