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Game #162 Game Thread

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Well, the playoffs are assured but who the Jays play is not. Also, 90 is such a nice, round number.

Wes Parsons is up to make the start this afternoon. He’s had a decent season with the Bisons, posting a 4.52 ERA in 81 innings. Jay Jackson was DFA’d to make room, which I have to say I don’t like. Jackson’s been valuable this year, and seems like a terrific guy. Hopefully they’re able to find a way to keep him in the organization.

Rays Lineup:

  1. Caminero, SS
  2. Lowe, RF
  3. Ramirez, DH
  4. Paredes, 3B
  5. Aranda, 1B
  6. Mead, 2B
  7. Margot, CF
  8. Tapia, LF
  9. Pinto, C
  10. Lopes, P

Blue Jays Lineup:

  1. Merrifield, RF
  2. Belt, DH
  3. Bichette, SS
  4. Schneider, 2B
  5. Biggio, 1B
  6. Espinal, 3B
  7. Varsho, CF
  8. Heineman, C
  9. Eden, LF
  10. Parsons, P