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Luis Rivera Retiring

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

I am In Bruges. Climbed the 322 steps to the top of the Belfry. If you watched the movie, you know a character dropped coins from the top. They have put fencing to stop people from doing that. Bruges is a fairytale city. We are here till Monday, then fly out of Amsterdam on Tuesday. The biking was fun, except we were biking into the wind 90% of the time. And we got hit by a couple of very heavy rain showers, I think we did about 250k over 6 days.

The Jays have announced that Luis Rivera has decided to retire. He’s 59, so I can understand him wanting to spend more time at home instead of being away for eight months of the year. Coaching third is a thankless job. Anytime a guy gets thrown out it is your fault.

Also, Brandon Belt is pondering his future in baseball. He’ll be 36 next season, but he played well. I’d think some team would offer him a contract.

I watched all of game one, but I tired out before the end of game two. I didn’t like Berrios being pulled so early. That’s not the reason why they lost. They lost because, once again, they didn’t hit. Vlad getting picked off second didn’t help. But no one, other than Bo, hit at all. Bo was 4 for 8, all singles.

But Berrios seemed to be throwing about as well as he had at any point of the season. I get that he has trouble with lefties, but I’d have given him more rope, even if it was just one more batter.

Enjoy your weekend. Try to shake off the disappointing loss.