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Monday Bantering: Rumour Time

Toronto Blue Jays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Ohtani/Blue Jays rumours are out there in full force.

Jeff Passan says three teams are after him: the Dodgers, Rangers and Blue Jays. I’d imagine more teams are, at least, reaching out to see if there is some way to make a match.

Morosi mentions that Ohtani has a 1.139 OPS at Rogers Centre.

Winning is important to Shohei. So, the team will have to show it can continue to win. That’s not a very tough one. They have a good team. And they tell us that Yusei Kikuchi was a favourite of his when he was in high school. I’m sure he’s in on the selling job.

The money shouldn’t be a huge issue. They can make a ton of it back with the games being broadcast in Japan, extra sponsorships, etc.

Ben Nicholson-Smith writes about ways the Jays can push the odds in their favour:

  • Let him have input into the coaching staff. That’s simple: if he wants them to add a particular coach, go for it. They already have a dozen or so coaches. One more wouldn’t be a terrible thing. If he wanted a particular hitting coach and then a particular pitching coach next year, I’m good with that.
  • “The right to leave”. I’m ok with this, too. If the team were to finish below .500 twice in a row, he could exercise an option to void his contract. The team hasn’t been under .500 in the last four years.
  • And the team could offer his interpreter a good deal.

I still think the odds are low, but I’d enjoy it if the Jays did sign him.

Nicholson-Smith also tells us:

  • The Jays plan to keep Bichette. I think we knew that. I’m big on being willing to listen on anyone, but you would have to offer something great for Bo.
  • And he has notes on their third baseman search, but it is mostly that the Giants are likely be offering a lot of money to Chapman.

Other news:

  • The Dodgers re-signed Jason Heyward for a season and $9 million.
  • Sonny Gray is to sign with the Cardinals, for three years and $75 million.
  • Kenta Maeda signed with the Tigers for two years and $24 million.