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Monday Bantering: The Morning After

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

A day early and a $100 million short? (Editor note: Apparently the Jays weren’t $100 short, Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that the Jays offer was “Blue Jays’ best offer was in the same financial ballpark as the Dodgers. One source with knowledge of the talks said the Blue Jays were “right there” with an offer described as very competitive”.)

I’ll be interested to hear how much of the Ohtani contract is deferred. Deferring the money means that the contract isn’t worth $700 million. It sounds like the Dodgers upped their offer while we were all tracking flights. No, I don’t buy the idea that Robert Herjavec took that flight to fool us all. I mean, why would he have to fly to Toronto? People weren’t tracking him. They were tracking the flight.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone with Otani’s management team planted the story of him signing with the Jays to push the Dodgers to bump up their offer. I also wouldn’t be surprised to find out the extra $100 million (or however much the Dodgers raised their offer) is the amount they are deferring.

It is wrong that teams can defer a portion of a contract and have it save them money under the ‘this is not a cap’ cap.

I am somewhat depressed we didn’t get him. I had figured we had a good chance. I wasn’t worried about the money; I was sure that much of the money would come back in advertising money and deals Sportsnet could make with Japanese media outlets.

But we made the playoffs last year without a single veteran offensive player having a better season than we could have expected. I would be willing to bet that a few guys will have better years this year.

I still want to see the team give some of their prospects a chance. I’d like to see Orelvis Martinez get a good look this season. I’d be happy to see Addison Barger get some playing time. And I’m interested in seeing if Davis Schneider can put up similar numbers now that the league has had a look at him.

I do think we need someone to play left. I’m not against adding another starting pitcher (though I think Ricky Tiedemann is just about major league-ready). I want to think Alek Manoah will be better next year, but I’m not ready to bet on it.

The next month will be interesting. I don’t know if the team has a plan of where they want to go now. Yamamoto? Trades? Chapman (I wouldn’t want him back for the number of years he’ll want, but it isn’t my call)?