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Merry Christmas

Christmas Celebrations In Kashmir Photo by Faisal Khan/NurPhoto via Getty Images

I hope you all have the best Christmas possible (or if you don’t celebrate the best Monday possible). We are having Christmas tomorrow, as my eldest is coming up from Edmonton tomorrow. But I’m having a pleasant morning, watching the football. I started a Lego thing yesterday but made a mistake (I’m terrible at following instructions, recipes, or anything of that sort) and have to take apart some of it, so I’m going to wait until I have some alcohol in the bloodstream to go at it.

We watched A Wonderful Life last night and a couple of the other Christmas movies we do annually. I still have to watch Holiday Inn.

My son just asked what my favourite Christmas TV episode is. I picked a WKRP where they did the ‘Christmas Carol’ thing. I’m sure it is high up there. There were a couple of good Frasier Christmas ones, too (one where Frasier’s girlfriend of the week is Jewish and the mom thinks he is Jewish, and they pretend to be, though Niles is playing Jesus in a musical). He mentioned to Community ones.

Usually, there is a baseball book I want for Christmas, but this year I didn’t come up with one. I’m tough to buy because if I want something, I buy it.

Let us know if Santa brought you something baseball-related (or something particularly good).

Enjoy your day.