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Saturday Bantering: Yet More Rumours

Los Angeles Angels v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Every day seems to bring more rumours:

Get used to reading this every week from now until mid-March:

Personally, if I’m Ohtani, I keep delaying this for as long as I can to drive all the fans crazy. But then I’m a jerk. Waking up every morning knowing that I was irritating everyone would make me smile.

I’m sure this isn’t what Shohei is doing.

And Jon Heyman updates us on the, at least, suspension in trade talks between the Yankees and the Padres:

It looks like the Padres will work to get the best haul they can, which I understand.

The term ‘very’ needs to be defined. But Germán would be a handy guy to have around.

Another one I would be happy if the Jays picked up. 25, and coming off his best season so far.