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Off-Topic: What was the best part of your year?

Hong Kong Marks The Arrival Of 2024 Photo by Vernon Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images

I don’t want to talk about rumours that the Jays are interested in Gio Urshela (I don’t have the energy to feign excitement about another replacement-level player), so let’s do this instead.

We have asked these questions for the last couple of years. The idea was stolen from Minor Leaguer.

What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

What was the best part of this past baseball season for you?

The best thing for me this year?

One thing is that I’ve realized that playing competitive sports is important to me. I had always played sports, but then we had kids, and they played. The amount of time available shrank, but I played racquetball when I could. But then, life got busy, and I did less. For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing tennis and squash and slowly becoming more competitive. I see that I enjoy that competition.

Beyond that, now that Covid has not gone away but has become less of an obstacle, it seems like my kids are happier. All three seem to be doing better. I thought it was tougher on younger people, and it is good to see them happier.

What was the best part of the past baseball season?

That the Jays made the playoffs again, I went through 20+ years of them not making playoffs, so I’m happy to make it.

Some wins would be nice, but playoffs are a good thing.

Beyond that, seeing some of the Jays prospects get a chance to play was great. I know I overrate our prospects, but I find the team seems scared to let them play. I mean, signing Isiah Kiner-Falefa seems like holding up a big sign that says, ‘We don’t want to have to play our prospects.’ I know that is often the way with teams that want to be competitive, but part of my enjoyment of baseball is seeing young players start their careers and grow into major leaguers.

Your turn.