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Monday Bantering: Baseball America’s Top 10 Jays Prospects

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Baseball America has come out with its Blue Jays top ten prospect list. Much of it is behind the paywall. If you have a subscription, it is worth the read

Here are their top 10:

1. Ricky Tiedemann LHP

2. Orelvis Martinez SS

3. Arjun Nimmala SS

4. Brandon Barriera LHP

5. Addison Barger SS

6. Kendry Rojas LHP

7. Leo Jimenez SS

8. Davis Schneider 2B

9. Alan Roden OF

10. Connor Cooke RHP

Nimmala was our first-round pick this year. BA says:

The Future: Nimmala has plenty of tools and showed more refinement at the plate in his brief pro time. He projects as a power-hitting shortstop with above-average defensive ability who, if he develops, could hold down the position in Toronto for an extended spell.

Brandon Barriera was our first-round pick in 2022. BA says:

The Future: Barriera is a risky prospect with a wide range of outcomes. He will need to improve his conditioning, add velocity and develop a third pitch to stay in the rotation. Otherwise he has the signature pitch to make it as a high-leverage reliever.

He put on weight and, as well, had three injuries this year

Alan Roden was our third-round pick in 2022. BA says:

The Future: Roden has a hit tool-driven profile with limited power upside due to his unusual swing and setup. He can be a solid second-division regular with the ability to play an outfield corner and provide high batting averages and on-base ability.

My favourite part of their prospect list is when they project the team lineup five years from now. It is a fun little project. Of course, they can’t guess what free-agent signings and trades there might be. This is how they project the Jays in the 2027 season:

Catcher: Alejandro Kirk (28)

First Base: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (28)

Second Base: Orelvis Martinez (25)

Third Base: Arjun Nimmala (21)

Shortstop: Bo Bichette (29)

Left Field: Alan Roden (27)

Center Field: Daulton Varsho (30)

Right Field: Addison Barger (27)

Designated Hitter: Davis Schneider (28)

No. 1 Starter: Kevin Gausman (36)

No. 2 Starter: Ricky Tiedemann (24)

No. 3 Starter: Jose Berrios (33)

No. 4 Starter: Alek Manoah (29)

No. 5 Starter: Brandon Barriera (23)

Closer: Jordan Romano (34)

They also talk about the players with the best tools in the system. I’ll share a couple of them:

Best Hitter for Average: Alan Roden

Best Power Hitter: Orelvis Martinez

Best Athlete: Dasan Brown

Best Fastball: Ricky Tiedemann

They also had a Question and Answer session on the site. I’ll share one:

What is a realistic ceiling for Nimmala

Geoff Pontes

The most optimistic person I spoke with comped him to Carlos Correa. I think something more in-line with a 3 WAR type of shortstop. If it all clicks he could be another Bo, maybe with more power.

Last night the Braves and Mariners made a big trade that had the Mariners dumping a fair bit of salary on the Braves. Unless the Mariners have plans to sign some guys with that money, I’d be upset if I were a Mariners fan. It looks like the M’s are saving $20 million-ish.

I would bet this is true. I’d guess that he wasn’t sure but after talking to teams, he likely has made his pick: